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27 Responses to “Holocaust Stripped Women”

  1. katie Says:

    my dad is polish.
    he went to visit these sights.
    he cried…..and the german kids laughed.

  2. Summer Says:

    Why would people allow this to happen . . . Y would anyone allow one man hitler, to take the lives of so many innocent people, just because they were jewish. . .

  3. shwitz Says:

    i think its sad but at the time a good thing!

    • maria Says:

      if someone decided one day that they were going to take u away from everything that meant the most to u and shoot u because of who u are, would u think it was still a good thing? No. Ur a fuckin asshole for saying something like that. Burn in hell bitch.

    • Beth Says:

      how was it a good thing?! are you messed up in the head?!

  4. opinius Says:

    I think mass killings are beyond anyone’s imagination. However, given the circumstances of the time, it could become undestandable. It was simplly OK to hate and to wish death to your (imagined) enemy.

    But, nowadys, we should think twive before thinking that serbs are a nation of criminals (as international press iresponsiblly presented them), that the gypsies are our enemyes or that muslims bring no good to this world.

    Having oppinions like that is the first setp to admitting holocaust of such nations. Noboby will care fore them if they are “evel” or “dangerous” or “useless”.

    • kristenlove1 Says:

      how could the elimination of “human beings” be alright at the time? does humanity not ring a bell? we all bleed the same, we are humans, killing eachother for what? differnt tone of skin color? differnt beleifs? really? he became in power because the fucker can speak, he was able to relata to everyone “germans” and bring up racial issues, that should be protested, although we all know that hitler himself is half jewish but w.e, the mass killing of innocent people is never “ok” think about defenseless children and women, the people that had no chance to fucken live while you sit on your coach and eat food and watch t.v!

  5. Brittany Says:

    No matter what the time, what the circumstances, there is no way that the Germans truly believed that the mass murder of all Jewish people would help their country’s prosperity. There is no way that they did not know that it was horrific to murder millions of people because of the religion that they were born into. People think that it wouldn’t happen today because no country would agree to that, but how were they any different from us? The only reason that it went on so long is because they could hide it better, lacking technological advances that we have today.

    But I cannot even begin to imagine the horror that they went through on a day to day basis. Thinking about their suffering makes me question whether human beings have ethics at all. So many soldiers watched the prisoners suffer and die for no reason, yet did nothing. How can the human race ever make up for allowing that to happen?

  6. Emma Says:

    I agree with Brittany.
    No matter what decade, what period of time, no one can ever justify the undignified way the Nazis of Eastern Europe cruelly murdered the Jews.
    And to say that the Jews were like ‘lambs to the slaughter house’ is unfair. Many were not aware just how fanatic these extreme right-wing men turned out to be.
    I think it is important that we pass on this part of human history to all factions of society.
    I am not Jewish myself, but I find myself crying when I see pictures of innocent people being shot for no other reason than their religion. The Nazis had to hate something; a group of people and the Jews were a vulnerable enough target.
    The day Hitler gained power was the day a part of Germany’s credibility died, and it will hundreds of years for that country to rebuild its severly damaged reputation.

  7. nikki Says:

    my grandfather liberated Dachau… All he could do was think is that one group of people let this happen to another so many country’s knew about it. when they asked the people in the towns around about the camp they all said they had no idea it was there or that all they knew is it was a prison but only for prisoners of war. my grandpa didn’t understand how they couldn’t know well than they made the Germans go and bury the body’s they didn’t care who women men children. he has a strong anger for Germans for what he had see he said no picture can put into perspective what happen really. he had never met a Jew in his hole life until then.

  8. Manjulasena Says:

    Our religion, Buddhism says about re-incarnation which means Afterlife. The people who do this typs of action in this birth will suffer numerous times in re-birth. They might not necessarily be born as human but as other forms of animal. To be born a human one needs good energies (good actions/thoughts) from this birth. Those who have collected bad energies are born as animal. Buddhism is the only solution for this type of inhuman acts. Apart from Buddhist thinking, which are very compassionate, there will be no peace for this world.

    • Matthew Says:

      Manjulasena are you out of your freaking mind?

      only Buddhist?
      your thinking is a secular and as alienating as that of the Nazi’s
      if your not of us then your against us

      how about we just let everyone choose the faith they feel fits them?

      your entire post is just an advertisment of your “Religion”

      oh and Re-incarnation does not mean afterlife!

  9. jose Says:

    where was our dear god?

    • Adel Says:

      God is there, but he cant help if PEOPLE are fucked in the head, after all He gave us free will. After al PEOPLE”sain objective is to destroy everything that has been mad by God just look at the world today. Think about it . .. nature animals polusion, rape, murder ect. Very few good people left so sad

  10. someone sure Says:

    i love it so much when someone gives alie and after some time the lie become a truth .. and 100% fact . and that no one can even talk about it or say anything else exept that it did happen .
    forgive my poor english . but my english is not the problem here . the problem is the stupidity of the humen brain witch believes everyting gived to it by any ………….. someone !!!

  11. Melabolgia Says:

    this was a sad time…im learning about this in school… 😦

  12. Emily Says:

    Why did this happen? Why? So many were tortured,traumitized and killed. I’ll tell you why. No one stuck together and said “This is wrong” as a group. They allowed the Nazis to take over. We must learn from these mistakes so it never happens again.

    • Matthew Says:

      your are quite right Emily.

      however ( i am not condoning this behavior) it can be hard to stand up and take a stand when there is a MOB mentality.

      it is easier to go with the crowd, and when the crowd is moving in an evil direction it is easy to get lost in the crowd.

      remember only hindsight is 20/20.

      this is why entire mobs will lynch or torment someone

      when each of the people in the mob would never think to do this if they were alone.

  13. daniela Says:

    Ive seen two movies about this and it just breaks my heart im jewish myself and i couldnt understand why they did this just because were who we are

  14. Manjulasena Says:

    Dear Mathews
    Buddhism needs no advertising. It is only realisation of deep truth. Specially it is not for “fools”
    No further comments.

    • Manjulasena Says:

      Dear Mathew
      Buddhism needs no advertising. Buddhism cannot be spoon fed to anyone. It doesn’t force anyone to believe it. But it is for the people who could understand the truth with a rational mind. Not for extremists. It is full of compassion. “to forgive someone you need to understand that person”

  15. Matthew Says:

    Once again you are glorifying you own religion
    for the people who can understand the truth with a rational mind?

    so others of a different faith are not rational?

    please remember Faith is a deeply personal truth and each person had to come to their own faith on their own.

    you really need to leave your religious overtones at the door.

  16. marc Says:

    i feel sorry for them, but who to blame, just make sure this doesnt happen again in the future

  17. Manjulasena Says:

    People are greedy by nature. They are insatiable too. Furthermore, Power is something like a drug. Hitler was a poor misled fool who had all these bad qualities. The time was very supportive for him to brain wash his fellow Germans. He cleverly manipulated things for his benefit – even the minds of the Germans. So this is one man’s evil thoughts being infected to the others. The situation is same even now. There are greedy & power hungry people out there – to make the others sacrifice their lives for their own benefit. This will not come to an end. On the contrary it will be more acute in future. Power, money & insatiable lust to aquire them will grow in the years to come. One day it will destroy the world. Understanding the impermenance nature of these materialistic things is the only answer for this. But it is a very difficult rather impossible task. Only very few will realise that noble truth. I am not a Buddhist monk. I was a Police officer in Sri Lanka. But I read this doctirne and practiced it little. But it is difficult to practice it while employed and having lot of things to do. It needs complete calmness.

  18. colby m Says:

    How could they do this to Jews! I love jews like i love brownies. Jews are cool. The fat kid off of south park cartman sucks eggs because hes a fat racist. Anyone who doesnt like jews should come to my house.

  19. Manjulasena Says:

    The story of human being is much of the same way from it’s inception. Powerful beings destroyed powerless. Isn’t it the theory behind every phenomenon in life. For example a rape is someone physically powerful (male) taking advantage on a weaker one (female). Many people change their minds when they are given power. Classic example is any politician who comes to the Presidency of a country shows contrasting diferent charactor at the begining and at end of many years serving in the power circle. People get currupted by power. Because they think the “Power” is a very permenant thing that will never end. But in all those examples in the world history the powerful had ended up as powerless. This is a noble truth that is common and unchangeable at all times. The mind of the human is the greatest. It is the one that makes a saint and a rascal.

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