A Jewish Man Being Shot And Dumped Into A Mass Grave

Jewish Man Shot

Photograph from the Library of Congress, courtesy of the USHMM Photo Archives.

German soldiers of the Waffen-SS and the Reich Labor Service look on as a member of Einsatzgruppe D prepares to shoot a Ukrainian Jew kneeling on the edge of a mass grave filled with corpses. (1942)

He’s that friendly guy down the street you have had coffee with a number of times, you and your friends, at that little outdoor cafe, at least in summer time, down the street.

Now like a fever, like an epidemic even, war has come upon you and all the people of your land, your neighborhood, and even your good earth and sky.

Who would ever think that you have been made to dig such large graves in the ground?

Who would have thought it on this earth that you would be digging your native soil so someone could shoot you in the head, destroying your brain, your hopes, your fears, your knowledge, your humor, your fantasies of that girl next door, your memories of that longed for kiss, the book you have read, the last one you were reading before this, the work at hand teaching or making shoes, but earning your daily bread, and the folks at home, the meals to be made and eaten. You each had your jobs to do in that big house where you all lived.

Now someone has taken you away from all this normal life and brought you to the edge of this woods. These foreigners, these aliens, these Germans of a strange and killer race like doing this to you and your fellow human beings.

They like killing you for no other reason than that you are a Jew.

And what have you ever done to them?

It’s too late, but what should you have done to them? Would you not, if you had a gun now, shoot as many of these aliens in uniform before they shoot you and your fellow human beings.

My Gott, they shoot women and children, and old people as well, and they are about to shoot you in your head and take a picture of it.

My God, what is the world coming to? It’s just incomprehensible, isn’t it?

Do we have your attention, all you Lookers-On? We are going to kill a Jew!


17 Responses to “A Jewish Man Being Shot And Dumped Into A Mass Grave”

  1. Heather Says:

    This may be disturbing reading, but important nonetheless. There are still people out there who want to downplay or deny the Holocaust. During the Tehran Holocaust Conference, I interviewed David Irving, a Holocaust denier who had just been released from prison on related charges. Here is his story.


    While I disagreed with what he had to say, it does raise many important questions about freedom of expression…what do you think?

  2. Not Forgotten Says:

    Defenseless. Knowing there is no mercy for you. All dressed up to be killed. All that can be done now is become a part of history.

  3. Meredith Says:

    He *is* part of history.

    The photographer could never have know the impact that this stoic man with his coat on his arm, would have on future generations.

    Every time I see this man, I look into his eyes. I see his clenched fist as he beaces for the inevitable.

    I feel his fear, his hopelessness…

    I put myself in his shoes.

    I wonder who or what he is looking at..
    Loved ones?
    Callous spectators?
    Anything but the horror below?

    We should all put ourselves in his shoes.

    Never Again.

  4. snoosan Says:

    lol i know

  5. olivia martinez Says:

    that is very sad to look into the picture and see a person get shot

  6. Alex H Says:

    “My God, what is the world coming to?”

    You do understand that this photo was taken more than 60 years ago….right?

  7. william Says:

    I think the holocaust is like how the mexicans are being treaded and i think alot of people think that mexicans are like dog and are fun to kill them and pleace don’t be like the w people pleace viva la riza you know what i mean mexican people you are the best

  8. william Says:

    I think the holocaust was a very bad thing to do and i think they shoued not be killed

  9. Jeromy Says:

    For our friend william … It may be how they are treated in Mexico by the drug cartels and corrupt government officials but If you are referring to the current climate of anti-Illegal immigration enforcement … (forgive me if my assumptions are wrong) .. I would have to say that the comparison is completely absurd and has no factual basis. While one could argue that great hardship has come upon some good and decent individuals it in no way compares … even slightly … with the intentional and unashamed murder of millions of men, women and children.

  10. Rebecca Says:

    This is such a tragic, horrific time in our history. We need to realize that this could be US if we do not form a solid, united front against terrorism. Islamic extremists want to do this to every US citizen and I believe they will include anyone living here, whether they are legal or not. I know there are peaceful muslim living here but that will not save them or us. We better lose the PC crap and stop bickering among ourselves, destroying ourselves from within. No one will help us, so we better wake up and help ourselves.

  11. Jorge Says:

    “sigh” it is a sad time in history indeed, I am working on a paper on this topic. The theme is if we the U.S. could have done anything to avoid this tragedy what are your thoughts on this?

  12. ali Says:

    this is awful i hate seeing the inhumanity of the soldiers
    how could you be brainwashed to such an extent that you know no difference between human and evil

  13. Eveline Says:

    I am wondering if this is Mr. Ardoll who commented on April 28? Anyway, he is very right. I cannot think of many things that could even closely compare to the horrors of the holocaust. 42 million innocents slaughtered shamelessly over the course of six short years. It is sickening.

  14. Melanie Says:

    This is tragic they need to be shot

  15. estragal Says:

    Eternal Glory to the heroic Red Army that liberated Eastern Europe from Nazism.

  16. Jim Kelley Says:

    I have seen this picture many times and cannot get this man’s gaze out of my mind, it is haunting to a degree that is next to impossible to describe. I am a student of WW2 and have seen many many images of the Holocaust but none as tragic as this, the picture with the woman holding her child about to be shot is equally disturbing, what happened to make these men so callous and unfeeling?

  17. kentrella Says:

    i had learned about the this in eigth grade and it was sad

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