For sharing reactions to Holocaust pictures, with occasional commentary by psychologist-philosopher, Strephon Kaplan-Williams. We post pictures of the Holocaust and invite personal reactions. Most Holocaust sites have an impersonal nature, giving survivor reports, photographs and statistics. We deal with the emotional impact up close of what tragically happened.

We shall further develop ethical and psychological observations to help people deal with evil and the dark side in the world. We aim to be transformative, but not at the price of avoiding horror, incomprehensibility and emotional upsetness. We are not righteous but we are responsible to what we see and what we do with this aspect of the human condition. We focus only on the Jewish holocaust, while acknowledging genocide events with other cultures and people.

All comments are for educational purposes and are submitted with acknowledgment that the author of this site, Strephon Kaplan-Williams, can quote comments in his own writings, but only with first names used and no dates. We appreciate our contributors, and seek to further help humanity face its true nature without regard to national boundaries or cultural differences. Our approach is psychological and ethical, as far as this is possible.

Please, no spamming or long spiels, sometimes called ranting.

However, strongly felt emotions are certainly encouraged to be shared.

We shall try this blog for a year and see how it goes.


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